Capitala Wellness Challenge - Reduce Body Fat

April 10, 2019

The challenge - body fat percentage loss.

We are born to be social beings, so it’s only natural that group activities would benefit employees in numerous ways. They encourage camaraderie, boost morale, provide “stress-outlets,” and demonstrate supportive company culture. With this in mind, Capitala began the year with a wellness challenge as part of our 2019 goal to increase health initiatives throughout the company.

On January 1st approximately ten employees participated in a health check where each person’s body fat was calculated and recorded. Their body fat would be calculated again on April 1st, the final day of the challenge. The person’s whose individual body fat percentage decreased the most during the three-month period would be the winner.

For the next couple of weeks as participants increased their cardio and reduced their carbohydrates, sugar intake, and overall fat digested, and the mood certainly changed in the office overall. Sugar withdraws and cravings became a normal topic of conversation. Office snacks changed from crackers and chips to fresh veggies and fruits. Slowly as their bodies begin to adjust to the change, energy levels increased. After the first few weeks, it was business as usual and each of the participants were more motivated than before to win the challenge.

In the end, ALL participants improved on their body fat percentage and the top two employees lost over 20% of their starting body fat. Now that’s impressive!

What will the next wellness challenge be? We are thinking of something good, so stay tuned.

Blog by Katina Cole Jakubowski – Marketing and Events for Capitala Group